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The December meeting is held on the 2rd Sunday of December.

December 9th, 2018

Debbie Malone

- Awaken Your Psychic Abilities -

Debbie Malone was named ‘Psychic of the Year’ multiple times. She is an acclaimed spirit medium who has assisted police departments across Australia in missing persons, and murder investigations, over the last three decades.

Her extraordinary gifts of being psychic, a clairvoyant, a medium and psychometrist, enable her to receive visions from both the living and the dead, from the past, present and future, and to convey messages to bereaved families from their departed loved ones.

As Debbie learned that her uncanny abilities to see beyond the here and now cannot simply be switched off or ignored, no matter how inconvenient or distressful they may be, she drew strength from using the spirit world to help both others and herself, and from knowing that we are NEVER ALONE!

Debbie wrote a book called ‘Awaken Your Psychic Abilities’ to help people reconnect with the spiritual soul within. Each chapter explains the different types of psychic gifts we have within us, and includes exercises and meditations that will help you to practise and strengthen your hidden psychic talents.

She will share her experience and tips with us. You can visit her website at:





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