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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

January 15th, 2023  @ 2:00 pm

- Your Face and Body are Your Road Map -

Linda Thackray

Linda is an active Psychosomatic Teacher and Therapist. She has a passion to bring psychosomatics to the forefront of people’s awareness and to spread this work globally.

Her years as a Voluntary Telephone Counsellor served as a foundation for her subsequent studies in Psychosomatic Therapy, which she has been teaching for over a decade to individuals, therapists, health care practitioners, coaches plus many more occupations, both for personal and professional development.

This interactive talk will provide insights on Identifying personality traits and interpreting habitual emotional and thought patterns presenting in a person’s facial features and body. Linda will be working with participants as she explains these features and provides an introduction to psychosomatic face and body reading. You will take away tools and insights which can be applied immediately in your interactions with others.

If you have ever wondered about a distinct feature which you have, there will also be opportunities for Q&A.

All of Linda’s offerings are aimed at gaining awareness of others and self, identifying core issues, improving communications, whilst working with our reference book being the human face and physical form.

Linda is a regular guest speaker and therapist at the Elysia Wellness Retreat in the Hunter Valley and to other professional groups. More information about Linda and her work can be found on her website www.thefaceandbodyinterpreter.com


Blue Mountains Dowsers

Healing Your Wounded Feminine Archetype

With Yuliana Francie

If you are …
• Ruminating on making your decisions or mistrusting your intuition? Then making panicked, fear-based decisions out of lack, resulting in regrets or self-blaming later.

• Saying YES when your heart saying NO or denying your own needs to please others? Then fabricating excuses for tolerating others' unacceptable behaviours and begging for their love and acceptance.

• Throwing yourself into work to feel significant? Then downplaying your achievements and dismissing praises because you don't feel good enough.

Then you may be holding a wounded feminine archetype within. In this interactive workshop, Yuliana will guide you to uncover the root cause of this wound and how to transform it into your spiritual strength.

As a spiritual life strategist, Yuliana Francie made it her mission to help women live on their own terms. Her life experience of growing up in Indonesia as a Catholic, Chinese, female: the minority trifecta! From the childhood, she was conditioned to not be good enough.

At 18, she immigrated to Australia, where she developed a successful corporate career as an accountant, survived a toxic relationship, sexual harassment, near bankruptcy, and workplace bullying.

Praise for Unbecoming You...






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