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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Dowsers Society of NSW.

July 16th, 2023   @ 2:00 pm

- Yuliana Francie -

You can have it all

Yuliana Francie's life experience of growing up in Indonesia as a Catholic, Chinese, female: the minority trifecta! >From childhood, she was conditioned to not be good enough. At 18, she immigrated to Australia, where she developed a successful corporate career as an accountant, survived a toxic relationship, sexual harassment, near bankruptcy, and workplace bullying.

Those experiences led her to develop a life mission to embolden women to live life on their own terms. She transformed her life.Do you ever look at your life as a list box that you need to tick off? D

Deep down you believe that when you tick all boxes, then everything will be perfect. Then, somehow a golden key appears in your hand so that you can unlock a secret vault containing a happiness fountain and fulfillment of your childhood dream.

Yuliana did! But instead of finding her happiness, she resented herself which built up rage inside her! Because she did everything she could to be like a chameleon or a wind-up doll.

Simply turn your key, and she will tell you exactly what you want to hear! But, an approximation of honesty to your soul will never cut it!

So what does it take to have it all? To live a life that is fulfilling to your soul as well as pleasing your human needs. Join me in this one-hour interactive presentation on uncovering your secret to have it all!

Come and find out!






Blue Mountains Dowsers

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