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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

March 17th, 2019

- Maria Capello & Eleni Woods -

- Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine -

Maria and Elleni are qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioners and practice the very ancient form of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at Rozelle Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Centre.

Through their own life changing experiences and maintaining good health they both became very interested and passionate in this form of holistic healing. They met whist studying Traditional Chinese medicine at University of Technology, Sydney.

Maria and Elleni will provide you with a brief history of Chinese medicine, tools they use to diagnose, various theories and will provide a demonstration of Acupuncture and other modalities that they use in practice, such as moxa, and cupping. In addition, they will also provide a demonstration of using a LASER which transmits low level light therapy as an alternate way acupuncture for patients who are very sensitive to fine needles uses in an acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help support a number of manifestations to name a few and areas of interest to both Maria and Elleni :
- Brief history and benefits of this ancient form of Energetic Medicine
- Muscular skeletal issues
- Pain management
- Stress an anxiety
- Fertility issues
- Digestive problems
- Cosmetic acupuncture
- General well being

You can find out more about the clinic and Maria and Elleni on the website





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