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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

March 20th, 2022

- Co-creation with the Spirits of Nature -

Kevin Parker

Humankind has been aware of the reality of nature spirits, the fairy realms, and angels since the dawn of consciousness. Whilst this awareness has been somewhat diminished in recent centuries, we are experiencing an evolutionary moment of consciousness expansion where we can rekindle relationships with these Beings in our work to resacralize Mother Gaia and take our place as
members of an intelligent quantum connected multiverse.

Since his presentation about Nature Spirits to the Dowsers Society in 2015, Kevin Parker has deepened his work and experiences of these Beings with whom we co-inhabit. He will give a brief overview of humankind’s historic and contemporary perspective regarding nature spirits, fairies, and angels.

Kevin will share insights and experiences and will suggest a potential framework to enfold this impulse to blend and grow into Deep Ecological and Universal Beings. He will outline practical exercises for those who are ready to engage with these subtle realms for the Highest Good. Dowsing skills are an asset when embarking on this journey.

Kevin Parker is a Shamanic Practitioner. Previously he spent over 20 years as a peace and environmental activist with time in research academia and as a University Fellow. He has been studying and working with esoteric practices for over 40 years.

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