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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

March 19th, 2022  @ 2:00 pm

- Ruth Sneddon -

- Pyramid Energy -

Ruth is an accomplished dowser. She has a Masters in Special Education and taught in NSW primary schools and TAFE for over 30 years. She also hold a Diploma in Reflexology.
Her other studies and interests include, Shamanism, Reiki, Isis Lotus Healing, Crystal Healing, Biogeometry and Biofield Tuning.

During the lockdowns she discovered on YouTube a presentation by a master dowser Robert Egby which combined dowsing and pyramids ( I’ve had a life long interest in pyramids both Egyptian and South American).

During the session we will be using our pendulums over pyramids. I will have plenty of these, but if there lots of people you can pair up. there will be crystal, paper, copper, possibly bamboo, and different sizes. Participants will need to bring an open mind, dowsing tools, pen and notebook. You are welcome to bring a pyramid if you have one (any material/size).

Ruth will help us discover how to make sense of what dowsing above pyramids reveals. She will explain about the special relationships with angles and frequencies in a pyramid.

A very fascinating subject indeed,
You can come and see Ruth at the Sales Table during the meetings.




Blue Mountains Dowsers

Sunday 2nd April, 2023

Manu Prigioni

- Permanent Polyculture -

Manu is a social entrepreneur, artist, Permaculture designer and regenerative farmer based in the Blue Mountains. Her passion for regenerative systems was born in 2014 when she overcame postnatal depression through building her home Permaculture garden, and reconnecting to place and community. This experience convinced her to change her path from media arts to Permaculture and social outreach.

After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Media Arts and working as a part time lecturer at UNSW Art and Design, she completed a Full-Time Diploma of Permaculture at The National Environment Centre, TAFE Riverina Institute and a Milkwood Permaculture Design Course.
She then obtained Permaculture teacher training with Rosemary Morrow, and learnt about regenerative land management /Holistic Management from Brian Wehlburg at Inside Outside Management.

She also studied soil microbiology by completing full time correspondence study with Doctor Elaine Ingham.

Her work involves coordinating the Farm It Forward social enterprise, as well as designing private gardens, and taking part in local community work.

Since the beginning of her practise as a Permaculturalist in 2015, her passion lies in helping others connect to land, place and community. Her work with Farm It Forward has been focused on creating a space to create and foster community interconnection.

The Farm It Forward social enterprise she co-founded has fostered community resilience through bushfires, floods and pandemic since the beginning of 2019.







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