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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

November 21th, 2021

- Jane Ruehmkorff -

Enhancing your life with natural energy

Jane has been interested in dowsing for most of her adult life. Her Mum was a dowsing practitioner and then after she met Peter Ruehmkorff in late 2003, dowsing became a large part of their life together; assisting Peter with his Dowsing and Radionics Seminars, and Environmental Property Surveys all around the country, for nearly 10 years.

Jane was fortunate enough to be able to absorb some of Peter’s extensive knowledge of dowsing, and together with her own common sense and keen eye for detail, they made a good team.

During their environmental property surveys, Peter would dowse the property with his V rod, and it was Jane’s job to wander around the home with the client, explaining their process for improving ambience and energy of the home, and take note of anomalies or placements that seemed wrong and possibly needed rectifying.

She will offer ideas on healing with paper radionics, how to remove harmful entity attachments, identify unseen energies that are detrimental to human health and stepping lightly on Country.

This will include tips on improving the ambience in your home through using Dowsing, Feng Shui and Common Sense.






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